Movie Animals UK


All new commissions mean new challenges for us - but the basic procedure that ensures quality results stays the same. After selecting the best animals for the job we train them for the desired tasks - be it a red deer stag or a house cat. We rehearse all scenes on the set too in order to achieve the best results on the shooting day - with no valuable shooting time wasted.  In our Center that probably stands alone in Europe more that 100 animals can be found. Wolves in several packs,  Wolf Hybrids, Birds of prey, Parrots, red deer and wild boars as well as dogs and cats, goats and cows, and several other wild and domesticated animals that you would have never thought to be trained animal actors.

​Wolves, bears, red deer, wild boar – they are just some of the numerous wild and domesticated animals that we trained to act in film productions and commercials from all over the world.

Here you can find all information you need on working with animals in the film and television industry and also about how, what, with whom and when and with what kinds of animals we work with. You can browse the pictures or watch videos of animal training and film shooting – follow our nearly 20 years of history here at the Movie Animal Training Center…

Would you like to contact us? If you are looking for animals for your film, TV or commercial production you can contact us via the addresses and emails shown at ‘Contact info”.