Movie Animals UK

It has nearly been 20 years since the animals if Movie Animals  act in various film productions from all over the world. These projects include photo sessions, natural history documentaries, commercials and award-winning feature films as well. We are proud to be able to supply productions with a fully trained animal species. on time on budget & on mark... 

Movie Animals uk is one of the leading suppliers of live animal event hire in the uk & europe with over 1000 happy clients. 

From Nightclubs to Movie Premiers Movie Animals Have Catered Successfully for over 20 Years 

Movie Animals Training has become one of the leading suppliers of the UK and international TV and film industry mainly as a result of our quiet training and coordination method built on natural motivation, and also to the Team’s high quality working standards and organisation.  Using positive reinforcement at all times during filming and ensuring happy animals = happy clients & we have very few unhappy clients.